Sturminster Newton Carnival

This is a large evening illuminated carnival through the streets of Sturminster Newton. Well worth seeing.

Shaftesbury Carnival

This carnival day starts with a children’s parade at 3.00 pm followed by a band competition at 6.00 pm and the illuminated evening carnival starting at 7.15 pm. A carnival not to miss.

Launceston Carnival

This is a new event for the band and is an evening illuminated carnival.

Axminster Carnival

This is a large illuminated evening carnival well worth seeing.

Gillingham Carnival

The band will be appearing at Gillingham Carnival to defend the ‘Carnival Best Band’ 2017.

Axminster Carnival

This is probably the largest evening illuminated carnival we attend. If you have not seen this carnival it well worth an evening out.

Titchfied Carnival

Titchfield Carnivals have been cancelled so the band will not be attending.

Gillingham Carnival

This event starts off with a band competition and then leads onto the illuminated carnival through Gillingham.

Shaftesbury Carnival

This event includes an afternoon children’s carnival, a demonstration and an evening illuminated carnival.

Warminster Carnival

This is an evening illuminated carnival well worth seeing.