Meet The Committee

John Cooper

John is the Chairman of the Executive Committee and is DYMB’s Administrator. He is one of the bands most committed members and does a great deal for the Quarterjacks.

He ensures that members know where to be and what to bring at what time for each event and co-ordinates with the organisers of the events. As well as all he does for DYMB he is the Treasurer of the Poole Division of St John’s Ambulance.

Simon Wheeler

Simon has been the Bandmaster of the Dorset Youth Marching Band since 1990, back when it was still the East Dorset Scout Band. He’s a powerful member of the bugle section and contributes a massive amount to the band.

As well as leading the band, he’s a member of the Executive Committee, ensuring the band is always pointing in the right direction.

Simon’s Leadership is an essential part of the success the band enjoys today.

Lewis ‘Charlie Brown’

Charlie (as Lewis is better known by) has been a Quarterjack for years. He’s played the side drum for the majority and is still there today, applying his experience whilst leading the section as Lead Drummer.

Charlie’s an enthusiastic member of the band and is always willing to help and adapt to the bands needs!

Most recently he has become a member of the Executive Committee, helping with the more administrative requirements of running a charity and marching band.

Doug Fry

Doug joined the band back when he was just four! He‘s one of the band’s most committed members, clearly showing his belief that organisations like DYMB can do something great for the youth of today.

He‘s played a few instruments throughout the years, pretty much all of them actually! These days you’ll mostly see Doug on the Bugle or Bass Drum, often after driving the coach to an event for us!

Doug has joined the Management Committee to aid with the more administrive duties involved with running the charity.

Pam Fry

Pam is a member of the Management Committee from the days of the East Dorset Scout Band and we’re lucky to have her!

Pam is an expert when it comes to fundraising and organising events so her knowledge comes in very handy within DYMB.

Sammy Phillips

Sammy became a Quarterjack at seven years old and would’ve joined sooner if she could have! Sammy started off on Bugle, but as soon as she was old enough moved onto the Bell Lyre. Now Sammy can be seen playing both Bugle and Bell in carnivals!

She‘s always had a passion for music, playing an array of other instruments and is a member of a few other bands and groups. If anybody ever needs any advice when it comes to music, Sammy’s the one to ask!

Sammy has become a member of the Executive Committee, looking over the band’s current status and looking to the future.

Geoff Stobbs

Geoff has been involved with DYMB for many years. He can be found playing the bugle when on parade and when not on parade is usually putting something together for the band! He‘s a very keen organiser and will have a spreadsheet for every major event, to make sure we’re on track with everything.

When he does stop for breath you‘ll find he’s a sociable guy who’s very approachable and great at stepping up to lead when required!

Geoff is always handy in a committee meeting because he can throw together a spreadsheet for just about any event. He has also taken on the Moors Valley Run, following years with Paul Webster at the helm.

Heather Wheeler

Heather is a true Ambassador for the band. Always spreading word of the good DYMB is trying to do and always there to help the band, be it through raising much needed funds, organising an event or moral support.

Heather has deep ties with the band through the volume of work she does for the Quarterjacks and her four sons who were all part of the band, two of them remaining, Nick and Simon - the Bandmaster.

Heather is a Quarterjack through and through.

Nick Wheeler

Nick has been in the band for many years, back from his days in the Scouts. Nick plays the Bass Bugle and Bass Drum, applying his years of experience to both. When not playing, he can usually be found teaching or helping out the other Quarterjacks.

Nick’s always willing to step up and lead when needed!

Nick is also a member of the Executive Committee, helping to keep the charity going!

Jane Williams

Jane, who is married to Peter, is another of DYMB’s devoted members. Jane has been a part of the band since it was still East Dorset Scout Band and has even seen two sons grow with the band.

Jane helps with all the events the committee puts on.

Peter Williams

Peter is another of DYMB‘s long serving devoted members. He’s overseen many events for the band and most prominently was the Concert Coordinator for the annual Massed Bands in Concert. Peter has been on the Executive Committee in the past and now continues to show his devotion by working with the Management Committee.