Meet The Team

Simon Wheeler


Instrument Player - Bugle

Simon has been the Bandmaster of the Dorset Youth Marching Band since 1990, back when it was still the East Dorset Scout Band. He’s a powerful member of the bugle section and contributes a massive amount to the band.

Simon’s Leadership is an essential part of the success the band enjoys today.

Doug Fry

Assistant Band Master, Coach Driver

Instruments Played - Bass Bugle, Bugle, Bass Drum, Side Drum

Doug joined the band back when he was just four! He‘s one of the band’s most committed members, clearly showing his belief that organisations like DYMB can do something great for the youth of today.

He‘s played a few instruments throughout the years, pretty much all of them actually! These days you’ll mostly see Doug on the Bugle or Bass Drum, often after driving the coach to an event for us!

Lewis ‘Charlie Brown’

Lead Drummer & Secretary

Instrument Played - Side Drum

Charlie (as Lewis is better known by) has been a Quarterjack for years. He’s played the side drum for the majority and is still there today, applying his experience whilst leading the section as Lead Drummer.

Charlie’s an enthusastic member of the band and is always willing to help and adapt to the bands needs!

John Cooper

Management Committee Chairman, Administrator, Marshall

John is the Chairman of the Executive Committee and is DYMB’s Administrator. He is one of the bands most committed members and does a great deal for the Quarterjacks.

He ensures that members know where to be and what to bring at what time for each event and co-ordinates with the organisers of the events. As well as all he does for DYMB he is the Treasurer of the Poole Division of St John’s Ambulance.

Mark Phillips

Marshall, Handyman

Mark started helping out the Quarterjacks after his children, Scott and Sammy joined.

You’ll find Mark walking along side the band at a lot of events, as well as the trips to France and camps in Devon. Always willing to lend a hand and put his decades of building & carpentry experience to good use, Mark is a valuable member of DYMB.

Wayne Legg

Insturments Played: Bass Bugle, Bugle

Wayne has been involved with youth banding in Dorset for years and we’re happy to welcome him to the Quarterjacks!
He is a powerful Bass Bugler and a competent bugler, making him a great addition to the bugle section. Having years of experience he is well versed in the values that marching bands promote so is happy to teach/instruct when required. Wayne is very approachable and friendly, as a result he seems to know most members of every band in Dorset!

Sammy Phillips

Bell Instructor

Instruments Played: Marching Bell, Bugle

Sammy became a Quarterjack at seven years old and would’ve joined sooner if she could have! Sammy started off on Bugle, but as soon as she was old enough moved onto the Bell Lyre. Now Sammy can be seen playing both Bugle and Bell in carnivals!

She‘s always had a passion for music, playing an array of other instruments and is a member of a few other bands and groups. If anybody ever needs any advice when it comes to music, Sammy’s the one to ask!

Craig Stanley

Drum Instructor

Instruments Played: Side Drum, Bass Drum

Craig joined DYMB when he was ten, starting on the bugle. After a year in the band, we discovered he was an avid drummer and he was promptly added to the drum section!

He gained banding experience over the years, combined with his experience with drumming outside of band and he was soon Lead Drummer. Craig spends his time teaching and instructing the Drum Section along side the Lead Drummer, Charlie. When out on parade, you can find Craig on either the Bass Drum or Side Drum.

If there‘s ever a question about anything percussion related, he’s the one to ask!

Nick Wheeler

Instruments Played: Bass Drum, Bass Bugle

Nick has been in the band for many years, back from his days in the Scouts. Nick plays the Bass Bugle and Bass Drum, applying his years of experience to both. When not playing, he can usually be found teaching or helping out the other Quarterjacks.

Nick’s always willing to step up and lead when needed!